Beach Bear Cupcakes

Beach Bear Cupcakes

What’s the latest with Christine? She has officially taken her third CPA Exam and is now studying for her final one! Can you believe that? Let’s hope the results are in my favor as well! I also have become an official Beachbody Coach!! What is that you ask? Well it’s the company that allows Shaun T to make those crazy programs like Insanity and T25! Totally addicted to the workout programs and Shakeology, so I thought why not! Check out my recent post on a Shakeology recipe if you’re wondering what it’s all about! Comment below if you are interested in falling back into fitness and need an idea of where to start! I am so addicted to T25 right now and the results that I can get in literally 25 minutes. Woo hoo!! But I mean, you know a girl still likes her sweets, so don’t worry! I may be looking into some better recipes that are good to taste and for the waist.

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I did make these cupcakes two weeks ago though and still thought, hey we all need to splurge sometime! With no hope of seeing the ocean for a few more weeks and everyone else getting their tan on, I thought no better way to cheer myself up than with some baked sweets! Not only was this one of my first successful homemade and healthy vanilla cupcake recipe, but this is probably the cutest cupcake I have ever made! I mean who doesn’t like a cute little Teddy Graham swimming in the blue frosting ocean? How precious. Keep your summer going regardless if you have time to make it to the beach or not, by making these Beach Bear Cupcakes!



Butter: 2 sticks, softened

Confectioners Sugar: 3 cups

Vanilla Extract: 2 teaspoons

Blue Food Coloring: 10-15 drops


Teddy Grahams

Umbrella Tooth Picks

Graham Cracker Crumbs

Fruit Roll Up

IMG_4485 IMG_4491

I forgot to take step by step photos of the homemade vanilla cupcakes that I made, so let’s just go over the frosting and how to decorate these awesome cupcakes!! You can use your favorite homemade vanilla cupcake recipe, a box mix, or actually any light colored cupcake. I would only recommend not using a dark colored cupcake; the cupcake should look like a sand color for our beach!



Don’t mind my slightly overfilled cupcakes, they came out nice though to make a sand dune! Actually loved the shape for this decoration! Start off by making your vanilla frosting. This is such a simple frosting that tastes amazing and isn’t out of a jar! I love being able to make my own frostings, so here we go! Take your softened butter and first mix by itself. Then you can slowly add your vanilla and confectioners sugar, 1 cup at a time. Taste the icing as you go and modify by adding some more confectioners sugar if you feel necessary! After your frosting tastes nice and yummy, you can start to play around with your food coloring! Start off by adding around 10 drops and mix together to see if you have a nice ocean water blue. Each food coloring may be a little different, so feel free to add a little more!


Now your ready to frost your cupcakes! Add your ocean blue frosting to each cupcake. Next, take your graham crackers and crush in a baggie. You may also have graham cracker crumbs laying around, but if not this is an easy way to use what you have in your cabinet!


Put your graham cracker crumbs in a small bowl. Dip one side of your iced cupcake in the graham cracker crumbs to make the sandy side of your beach scene! Then add an umbrella toothpick in the sandy side and if you want your Teddy Graham can just be swimming in the ocean side or sitting in the sand. If you want your Teddy Graham to be sun-bathing, cut up a piece of Fruit Roll-Up or Fruit By The Foot to make a beach towel and press gently onto your sandy side. You can also add a little extra frosting to stick your gummy towel or Teddy Graham in place.




Use your creativity and mix it up! You can play around with where you want your little Teddy Graham to be hanging out. How cute are these cupcakes though? They will definitely get some “oh’s and ah’s” wherever you decide to take them!






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