Vanilla Latte Shakeology

Vanilla Latte Shakeology

Happy happy news to report!! I have passed the first part of my CPA Exam!! Officially passed the Regulation Section, woop woop!! Still three more parts to pass, but celebrations are in order. It’s Old Home Week in my little town of Greencastle, PA this week, which entails plenty of celebrations, free icecream, and fireworks; what more could you want? It only happens every three years, so it’s quite the big deal. Although I may be swapping the free ice cream for studying time, I am getting something yummy every day this week.

What is that you ask? A delicious Vanilla Latte Shake! Yes, every single day and yes, I am still on my T25 health kick. I decided to give BeachBody’s Shakeology a try when I purchased my T25 Challenge Pack and can’t say enough good things about it. It is helping me to stay in line with my nutrition goals and boost my results! This is my absolute favorite recipe I have tried, which is a slight variation on the recipe guide they give you. You can find a ton more information on Shakeology HERE! This is literally the healthiest meal you can eat, so why not give it a try? I mean, BeachBody’s 100% satisfaction guarantee applies, so maybe you will consider it. If that’s not enough, drooling over these photos might help too! 🙂


Vanilla Shakeology: 1 scoop

Coffee: 1 cup (cold)

Milk: 1/2 cup (you can use 2%, 1%, skim, almond, whatever your preference)

Honey: 1 teaspoon


The night before you can place a cup of cold coffee in the refrigerator so it’s ready for the morning. If you’re like me, maybe someone in your household makes coffee way earlier than you in the morning. Have them place a cup in the refrigerator for when you need it! Add your coffee to a blender, then add the rest of your ingredients. I like to add the liquids before the Shakeology powder to make it blend better, but maybe that’s just my OCD coming out haha. The honey is used to add a little bit of natural sweetener that most people like with their breakfast drinks. I know there are low calorie flavored sweeteners you could also try as well.


Blend until smooth. Pour over ice and you are ready for the healthiest meal you could put in your body! Again a personal preference, but pouring it over ice makes it taste just like an iced coffee you would get at Starbucks, but think about it. You are cutting all that artificial sugary junk, for real ingredients, with real added benefits for your body.


Why would you drink anything else? The more I keep drinking these for breakfast the more energy I have been having; and let me tell you with all the studying I have been doing that is pretty amazing. I also feel great putting good food into my body as soon as my day gets started.


Drink up ya’ll!


Want more healthy drinks to add to your diet?

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IMG_4409 (2)x


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