Detox Water

Detox Water

This heat wave is crazy isn’t it? Even though I’ve been staying inside most of the day, I still feel dehydrated and am trying to push the fluids as much as possible! I also have just completed my third week of T25, so hydration is key to my goals. If you haven’t heard, the maker of that crazy workout program on TV, that I have also talked about a few times, Insanity, did it once again; came out with his latest workout: T25. The basis of this workout is you don’t need to spend crazy amounts of time in the gym to get insane results. This program is promoted as a 25-minute workout, 5-days a week. A little caveat is that on Fridays, you’re supposed to double up and do two workouts, so you can spend 50 minutes on Friday or just cut into one of your two rest days and do one of them on the weekend. Either way 25 minutes to get Shaun T success is crazy. And maybe so am I for deciding to try it 🙂 Like I said, I have just finished my third week, meaning I have done 18 workouts and I absolutely love it! I love getting my workouts in quick when I get home from a long day of studying and actually feeling like that’s all I need to tone up. Unlike Insanity, T25 also has a modifier in all the workouts, so people at any fitness level can still complete the workout and progress in the weeks to come. I can’t say enough about it and hey, the fact that there’s another free t-shirt incentive if you send in your before/after photos is always a plus. I mean, I’m a recent college grad, I love me some free t-shirts.

photo (1) 1012363_10152091536429126_1565972056_n

My new workout and nutrition program also lends itself to this latest concoction: Detox Water. Now you may have seen some crazy things on Pinterest, but this recipe is so simple. It will literally take your 5 minutes and overnight your water will be infused with all-natural flavors. An added bonus is that your water will be packed with Vitamin C and we all know the great benefits of that such as clear skin, boosting your immune system, and increased energy levels. What more could you want from a glass of water?! Try it out, if you don’t like an ingredient, sub it out, or just take it out all together. Heck, you can just start by added some lemon to your water and you will see a difference. Your body will be thanking you with this heat as well!


Water: 4 quarts

Lemon: 1

Cucumber: 1 medium sized

Mint: 6-10 leaves

IMG_4176 (2)

You first should peel your cucumber and then slice it into 1/2 inch slices. Then slice your lemon into thin slices as well; tossing those end pieces away. The amount of mint you decide to use it completely up to you based on your preference. I know a few people I have talked to about this are turned off by the mint, so leave it out if you are; no biggy!

IMG_4178 (3)

Depending on your taste buds, you may want to slice up another half a lemon and throw it in your pile of fresh ingredients. Either way, the water is going to be very refreshing! Fill up a large pitcher of water and now you’re ready to throw in your ingredients.


They will float at the top of your pitcher and over time they will soak up and fall to the bottom. Place your pitcher in the refrigerator over night to get all those flavors out and anxiously await the morning.

IMG_4182 (2)


Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring and with this Detox Water, it doesn’t have to be any longer! I tend to keep refilling the pitcher up with water when it starts to get about halfway empty. The flavors of your ingredients will last a few days and up to a week before I would recommend washing it out and repeating the steps. So put that Crystal Light down and get some fresh flavors infused in your water! Let me know how you all like it and hopefully this will get you drinking more water with this heat!

IMG_4181 (2)

IMG_4182 (3)


21 thoughts on “Detox Water

  1. This looks very interesting. Thank you for the stopping by to read my blog purpleprincessreflections. I will be back to check out what’s new. Looking forward to trying the detox water.

  2. Your detox water looks so refreshing! I have an abundance of mint and plenty of fresh cucumbers from my farm share…this will be a great way to use them. Feel free to check out my blog if you are interested in trying other plant-based recipes.

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