Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

What a busy past two weeks I have had! I officially have graduated from Penn State University with my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Accounting! Yes, that means I am an alumni and I have to be a “real person”. Luckily my “real person” job doesn’t start until September, so until then, I can ignore that small detail. And then I on my first trip out of the country to Cancun, Mexico!

Graduation-6 DSCF0621x

After eating chips and salsa with about every single meal, I was craving nachos and tacos and everything Mexican! I had ground beef in the freezer and went to grab some of my favorite ingredients at the store before whipping up this Taco Pizza! This could easily be made with pizza dough too if you want a thicker crust, but hey I thought I would cut a few calories where I can and add a crispier crust with the wrap. So if you have some extra ground beef laying around in your freezer or don’t mind running to the store, check out this quick and delicious dinner recipe!

Ingredients (per pizza)

Ground Beef: 1/4 pound

Taco Seasoning Packet: 1 per pound of beef

Refried Beans: 1/3 cup

Shredded Cheese: 1/3 cup

Tomatoes: 1/2


IMG_3415 (2)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. While your oven is preheating you can make your ground beef. Prepare your ground beef normally on the stove. Add one packet of taco seasoning per pound of ground beef. I made an entire pound so I could make a few pizzas throughout the week. Technically, you probably only need 1/4 pound per pizza if you only want to make enough for one. After your ground beef is prepared it’s time to make these pizzas! Lay a wrap on a cookie sheet.

IMG_3417 (2)

For the “sauce” of our pizza, we will be using a layer of refried beans. Could you use pizza sauce? I guess, but once you try the refried beans on the bottom, you won’t even think about tomato s

IMG_3418 (2)

On top of your beans add a layer of your seasoned taco meat. For these layers you can really add as much or as little as your like. I would say I used about 1/4 pound, seeing as I had enough make four pizzas throughout the week.

IMG_3421 (2)

The last ingredient before the oven is the cheese! And lets be honest, this is the most important for all your cheese lovers out there. Add a large helping of shredded Mexican cheese on top of your beef. Really, any of your favorite cheese would work.

IMG_3427 (2) IMG_3426

Now you can put your cookie sheet into the oven and the hardest part is yet to come: waiting 12 minutes until the Taco Pizza is ready. Luckily in the meantime you can dice up your tomatoes and shred any lettuce you want to add as well. In 10-12 minutes your wrap should beginning to brown on the edges and the cheese will be melted. Remove from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes to make cutting your pizza slices easier.

IMG_3429 (2) IMG_3430

Add your diced tomatoes on top and any other taco ingredients you typically add!

IMG_3432 IMG_3435 (2)

IMG_3436 (4) IMG_3433

I can’t tell you how fast I inhaled this pizza. Maybe I was hungry, maybe it tasted absolutely delicious, but I think the second is more true. I ate this pizza three more times throughout the week, so I would say this will be a new staple in my life. After your cook of your ground beef you can make this in 20 minutes even with preheating your oven.

IMG_3439 (2) IMG_3442

IMG_3434 IMG_3440

If you can’t get enough of this new Mexican dish, feel free to stop by one of my older blog posts from back when I just started this blog. Yes, that is my Effortless Taco Soup. It’s just as simple as this recipe without the need for an oven.

IMG_3441 IMG_3443


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  1. Congratulations on graduating!!! That really is an achievement to be proud of. (Although I am not sure it will make you a grown-up….O am still waiting ;-> )

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