Easy Pasta Salad

Easy Pasta Salad

Does anyone remember Aaron Carter? Yes that blonde pop star kid from the 90’s with a few songs that you would probably bob your head to if they came on a playlist. The most infamous being Aaron’s Party.aaron_carter-aarons_party

Well if you do, you may be a little jealous when I tell you I am seeing him in concert tonight! Don’t get me wrong, the 25 year old Aaron Carter may not be the same as I remember from my youth, but I am still super super super giddy! I may even just include a photo of his precious self performing in my next post for any of you that comment and make me feel like I’m not crazy for being this excited 🙂
But, as promised here is another simple recipe to keep you on track with eating meals and not snacking on sweets when you get hungry. It isn’t the easiest, but I’m working on it. I moved all my bad foods to a shelf and now that they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind for a while at least. No, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat a Reese’s cup when I want something sweet, but at least I won’t have the bag of candy staring at my face every time I walk into the kitchen. Anytime you get hungry, you can now just whip some pasta salad and have it in tuperware containers for when you need it.


Rotini: 1 box of Tri-Color

Mozzarella String Cheese: 4

Pepperoni: 15, cut into quarters

Grape Tomatoes: 15, cut into halves

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing: 1 bottle

Salad Surpreme Seasoning: 2 tablespoons

IMG_3076xYou first need to cook your pasta regularly on the stove. After the pasta is cooked you can cool it down and add our other ingredients.

IMG_3077xWhile your pasta is cooking, feel free to start cutting up your other ingredients. I added mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and tomatoes, but you could also add cucumbers or any other vegetable you like. I cut all the tomatoes in half, pepperonis into fours, and sliced the string cheese into thinner pieces. How simple is that?


After the pasta has cooked, run it under cold water to immediately cool it down in the colander. You could also just put the pasta in the refrigerator overnight and cut up the ingredients the next day if you had more time. I on the other hand was obviously craving me some pasta salad and didn’t want to wait. I went for the quick approach, so after you cool the pasta, add  the cool pasta to a large bowl.

IMG_3081xNow it’s time to add your other ingredients! Stir in the dressing and seasoning and you’re practically ready to dig in! If you have a little longer, I would recommend putting the pasta salad in the refrigerator to cool down completely.


Now how simple was this right? I love having pasta salad in the fridge because anytime I get hungry I don’t have an excuse to just eat my Easter candy. No need to even heat this food up in the microwave, literally I just need to get out a fork and dig in. This is perfect to take to any picnics or cookouts that may be coming up with May right around the corner. Hopefully you guys enjoy the simplicity of this pasta salad as much as I do! 🙂




14 thoughts on “Easy Pasta Salad

  1. That looks so tasty! Have fun at the concert!! 😀 I love his song “In My Own Eyes” from the PBS show, Liberty’s Kids!!

  2. I definitely remember Aaron Carter from the nineties, he was the coolest back then, wasn’t he? Love the idea of having pasta salad in the fridge as a snack. I’ve been struggling to find creative and delicious snack ideas recently and this will definitely be going into the rotation! 🙂

    • He literally was the coolest thing and the memories came flooding back once he came on stage let me tell you!! I’ll give updates to you all today or tomorrow but it was a blast. Absolutely loved though having the pasta salad so accessible in the fridge when I didn’t know what to eat this week. It really did help so I hope you give it a try!!

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