Sugar and Spice Grapefruit

Sugar and Spice Grapefruit

The detox from my Las Vegas trip officially has begun. I still am getting the munchies at night because my body is so used to my porking out from my trip! We would literally get these delicious chicken tenders every night before heading to bed. Now that I am back home, my mom has made stove popcorn (my favorite!) every single night since I’ve been back. I am literally such a sucker, but look at it, how can you not be?photo6 bowls later and I’m feeling a little guilty! It could be an entire bag of chips right? Rationalize, rationalize, rationalize.

So now onto the healthy snack I decided to give a try: grapefruit. Now as you will soon be able to tell, I am not a grapefruit expert, nor have I had this fruit more than about twice in my entire life. I never have been a huge fan, but thought I’d suck it up and try something new! This simple recipe will take your boring breakfast or snack to the next level in under 10 minutes!

Grapefruit: 1
Brown Sugar: 2 teaspoons
Cinnamon: 1 teaspoonIMG_2240
Begin by cutting your grapefruit in half. You should be cutting your grapefruit at the equator. As you can tell, I didn’t really know what that meant, so it didn’t look as pretty as it should have.IMG_2241


IMG_2248Whoops! I decided to quickly solve this problem by cutting it again at the actual equator to have four grapefruit quarters! This made the fruit much easier to eat, but again you could just do it right the first time and cut the fruit in half.IMG_2251Place your grapefruit on a cookie sheet and sprinkle your brown sugar and cinnamon over your grapefruit sections.IMG_2252

IMG_2256 You are more than welcome to use a little more or less of either ingredient as you desire.IMG_2254The little sweetness with a dash of spice is a perfect balance to the tart fruit. Since I used quarters instead of halves, I used a little piece of aluminum foil to hold the fruit up on their sides. If you cut your fruit into halves you don’t have to worry about them toppling over!IMG_2255Turn your oven on broil and place your cookie sheet in for 5 minutes. The brown sugar will melt to make a light caramelized glaze on your grapefruit. At this point you should remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let cool for a few minutes.IMG_2257Eating your grapefruit while warm is definitely the best! This quick and easy snack or breakfast will take your basic fruit to the next level.IMG_2259

IMG_2261Although I was never a grapefruit lover before, adding a little bit of sugar and sweetness has made me a believer! I hope you find your new found love for grapefruit with this simple Sugar and Spice Grapefruit recipe!


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