Graham Cracker Apple Pie

Graham Cracker Apple Pie

This past weekend has been super busy for me, so I apologize for the lack of recipes! As I may have mentioned before, I am currently a senior at Penn State University. Our student body is part of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world! The Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) helps to fight pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support to the Four Diamonds Families.

This past weekend THON 2013 took place, which is the culmination of our yearlong fundraising efforts. We have a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon! This year I was a proud Finance Captain and helped to count our record breaking $12.37 MILLION! This pushed us over the $100 million milestone for our total fundraising efforts over the past 40 years. If you want to learn more about this amazing cause and hard work PennState students demonstrate all year long visit

The day after THON, I decided to bake some apple pies to warm me up while I relaxed on my couch. As a Finance Captain we get fed at THON by donated foods, so my official lent started today. Last night I wanted to make sure I made some healthy desserts on hand when this started and here came some Graham Cracker Apple Pies!


Granny Smith Apples: 2 large, diced

Light Brown Sugar: ½ cup

Water: ½ cup

Granny Smith Apple Sauce: ½ cup

Oatmeal: ½ cup old fashioned

Cinnamon: 3 teaspoons

Graham Cracker Mini Crusts: 6

(optional) Whipped Cream

(optional) Chopped Walnuts


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and place a medium sized pot on the stove on low heat. Add ¼ cup of brown sugar and water and let simmer while your cut your apples. Slice your apples and then dice them into as small as you want your apple chunks.


After your sugar and water mixture has warmed up, add your apples and the rest of the brown sugar. Put the lid on your pot and let cook on low for about 15 minutes. I would recommend stirring the apples and sugar mixture ever 5 minutes to make sure all apples get softened. Cooking your apples ahead of time helps in the long run so your graham cracker crust to not absorb all the moisture when you bake them. After 15 minutes, add the oatmeal, applesauce, and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly with the other ingredients and let on the heat for 2-4 minutes.

IMG_1952Remove from the heat and lay your mini graham cracker crusts on a cookie sheet. Fill your crusts with your healthy apple pie filling! Try and resist eating some of the warm filling with your spoon!! 



IMG_1954Place in the oven for 30-35 minutes and then these little healthy pies are ready to eat! Let cool for five minutes and then set on a plate get out your fork!


IMG_1958Top with a fat free whipped cream and some chopped walnuts if you want! This really topped off the treat for me. These are super healthy at around 200 calories and are best eaten warm! Yum!





15 thoughts on “Graham Cracker Apple Pie

  1. These look so yummy and the kids would love the smallness of them! 😉 Granny Smith apple sauce? Do you think regular natural (no sugar, nada added) applesauce would work?
    What a wonderful cause your school participates in!! Over 100 million in 40 years is amazing! 😀

    • I love how small they are too! I used Mott’s Healthy Harvest (no sugar added) applesauce, I should have specified. I think you would totally be fine with any applesauce that works for you or your dietary preferences!

      And thanks! Literally could not believe how much we raised this year. We definitely are making a difference 🙂

  2. Congratulations on being a Penn State Senior. Excellent college. One of my cousins went there years ago. And a huge congratulations in helping with fundraising for pediatric cancer.

    Your graham cracker crust apple pies look delicious! Graham crackers and apples.., double yummy!

    • Thank you so much! We have been through a lot these past few years, but still an amazing school. And as far as the graham cracker crust is concerned, let me tell you they were fabulous! A perfect combination.

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