Strawberry Angel Kabobs

Strawberry Angel Kabobs

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Regardless if you have a perfect date planned or your perfect night entails friends, family, and food, these special desserts will top of your evening. Although my Valentine’s Day and Anniversary dinner with my boyfriend is currently a surprise, one thing is clear: dessert will be on me.

My boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of cookies, cakes, and chocolately desserts (weird I know), but what he does like is fruit. He is a huge fan of strawberries and who doesn’t love a little angel food cake? Pair these two together and you have the perfect light dessert to top of your Valentine’s Day this year! This recipe will take you less than a half hour to prepare beforehand, so go grab a box of angel food cake and some strawberries on your way home from work.


Strawberries: 15 strawberries

Angel Food Cake: 1 mix

Water: 1 ¼ cups

Chocolate Chips: ¼ cup

(optional) Almonds: 7-10 crushed


First preheat your oven to 350 degrees and prepare your angel food cake mix using the directions on the box. Making an angel food cake is very simple and only requires water! Add your water in a large bowl with your cake mix and beat for a minute and a half.IMG_1870x After mixed together, pour into your angel food cake tin and place in the oven.IMG_1871x Bake for 38-48 minutes or until golden brown on the outside. You don’t want to under bake your angel food cake, so make sure you check with a toothpick and wait at least until 38 minutes have elapsed.IMG_1874x

Remove from the oven using oven mits, immediately flip upside down, and rest on the stem of a wine bottle. Let cool for a few hours.
When cooled, remove from the stem of the wine bottle and flip the cake tin over. Take a knife and loosen the cake from the edges of the pan to carefully remove.


Once removed you are ready to get out your strawberries. Cut off the stems of all strawberries and slice into halves. Any larger strawberries you can always cut into thirds and leave really small strawberries whole. Mixing and matching sizes of strawberries on your kabob sticks will make them look even better!

Alternate a small piece of angel food cake with a strawberry on your skewers. Depending on the size of your kabob stick you may need more or less than the amount I used. I ended up using 3 strawberries and 3 pieces of angel food cake per kabob.

If you are a fan of chocolate, melt some chocolate chips in your microwave for 45 seconds and drizzle on your finished kabobs. You can also add crushed almonds on the top before your chocolate hardens.


Let your creative juices flow and make these Chocolate Strawberry Kabobs your own! Who needs Edible Arrangements when you have Miss Chris Creations that you can say you made all by yourself!


You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a fancy dinner for the holiday, stay at home, or even just grab dessert at home. These kabobs will be perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, not kill your healthy eating, and keep your wallet happy. IMG_1887x



9 thoughts on “Strawberry Angel Kabobs

  1. First of all, your boyfriedn has issues if he doesn’t like cookies and cakes!!!! 😉 And secondly, that fruity/cakey treat looks amazing! 😀

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  3. Lovely idea! It saves a lot of trouble with serving/decorating a cake and is completely adorable. I must try this soon. 🙂

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