Berry Dairy Smoothie

Berry Dairy Smoothie

As another week goes by, I’m continuing my search for snacks and meals that fill be up, taste yummy, but also are good for me to be eating! All of the ingredients I used below to make my smoothie I already had in my refrigerator, freezer, or cabinet, so use what you have! If you don’t have yogurt, add a little more milk, if you have Greek, try that! You can mix and match the ingredients you have until you find the perfect smoothie for you! Throwing in some vegetables like spinach adds just enough nutrition, but with all the other flavors, you won’t even taste it. How perfect is that? Healthy in disguise!


At just over 200 calories, this smoothie is perfect in the morning when you wake up, right after the gym, or anytime you’re looking for something sweet!



Yogurt: ½ cup (Strawberry Dannon Light & Fit)

Berries: ½ cup (Berry Medley)

Vanilla Protein Powder: ½ scoop (Body Fortress)

Milk: ½ cup (Silk Soy)

Spinach: 1 cup

Ice: 3-5 cubes


Mix your berries with your milk to first blend your frozen berries. After you have pulsed it for a little, add the rest of your ingredients.


You will need to shake your blender around and make sure to get all of the ingredients down to the blades. Continue to blend until you get a smoothie like consistency.IMG_1738x I preferred adding all ingredients except for the ice cubes first. Then once you get a juice like texture, you can add the ice cubes in last! Pour in a glass, grab a straw or a spoon, and dig in!IMG_1743x

IMG_1741x You will not only love this new snack, but so will your body. Feel full longer and mix up a berry protein smoothie today!IMG_1739x



And nutritional facts don’t lie. Look at all the nutrients and vitamins you are getting in this one smoothie. Now that’s what I call a Berry Dairy Smoothie!IMG_1745


17 thoughts on “Berry Dairy Smoothie

    • You really can’t taste it! Just make sure to add some fun other ingredients that you like and you can adjust the amount of spinach you want to start with. The key is the hidden nutrients that you won’t even taste, but will be great for your body!

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