National Pancake Day: Berry Protein Pancakes

National Pancake Day: Berry Protein Pancakes

Did you know yesterday was National Pancake Day? I love celebrating all holidays, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a National Food Day, or something else’s birthday. All in my mind call for celebration in the form of food! After a good workout, I decided to come home and have a yummy, but healthy pancake dinner! What’s better than pancakes that actually have nutrition in them?

Similar to my Flourless Strawberry Pancakes, these pancakes are made from mainly banana and egg. I decided to add some protein powder as well to make this dinner perfect for post-workout. Celebrate the holiday and eat something yummy for your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Banana: 1 (mashed)

Egg: 1

Vanilla Protein Powder: ½ scoop (Body Fortress)

Vanilla Extract: ¼ teaspoon

Berries: ¼ cup (Trader Joe’s Medley)


Unpeel your banana and mash it in a bowl. Once mashed, add your egg, and vanilla extract. Mix together and continue mashing the banana into the mixture to get rid of all chunks. You will have a fairly thin mixture, so add a half a scoop of Body Fortress Vanilla Whey Protein or any other protein powder you have.IMG_1684x

Mix in the powder and then you should have a much thicker pancake batter. Heat up your skillet and spray with cooking spray. Your pancake batter should make at least three pancakes, so cook on each side until golden brown.IMG_1685x


Turn on a second burner and heat up your skillet on low while you cook your pancakes. When you begin cooking your last pancake, add 1/3 cup of frozen berries to the second skillet. This will slowly defrost the berries and make a little glaze to top your pancakes. Add to the top of your pancakes after you plate them.IMG_1692x

IMG_1688xFeel free to add any powdered sugar, butter, or syrup as well! These pancakes were a perfect post-workout meal, so eat these in the morning after your workout or anytime you need a filling meal. These will not only taste delicious, but also will keep you full for a lot longer than a bowl of cereal.




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