Mini Apple Cobblers

Mini Apple Cobblers

Pair some extra apples with a free night and Christine will most likely be found in the kitchen in between some reality television. Tonight I decided to watch some more episodes of the Newsroom that I have been trying to catch up on! Can we please just discuss how fabulous this show it? I literally can’t get enough and can’t understand why I didn’t watch it earlier. But, I won’t complain. Having an entire season at your fingertips is definitely up my alley. None of that waiting an entire week on the edge of your seat. If you haven’t watched yet, you should definitely check it out on HBO On Demand or HBO Go.

But back to the apples, my best friend made apple chips today, so I couldn’t help but give them a try too! These chips will make a nice snack during the day when you want something to munch on.  Just slice them up, sprinkle a little sugar and cinnamon, and bake away. Won’t take too long for these little guys to get crisp.IMG_1533When slicing my apples to make the chips I didn’t know what to do with the leftover dome shaped end slices. This is when the gears starting turning. Now I don’t want to be wasteful right?

Hello mini apple cobblers! At less than 75 calories per cobbler, you don’t have to feel bad about indulging after dinner. I always need something sweet after I eat and this definitely hit the spot! I don’t have a ton of pictures of the cobbler portion when I was making it, but this is a homemade recipe I just threw together that turned out fabulous!


Gala Apples: 6 small* (I used most of them for chips and just the ends for the cobbler)

Applesauce: ½ cup

Oats: 1/8 cup

Brown Sugar: 1/8 cup

Cinnamon Sugar: 1 teaspoon

*(optional) I also diced up about 1 tablespoon of apples to throw in as well!IMG_1521x

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cut your apples into thin slices. If you don’t want to make the chips as well, you could just use 1 apple and cut it into 6 slices.


Get out your cupcake tin and place one apple slice at the bottom.


Now it’s time to make your cobbler center! Mix your brown sugar and applesauce together in a bowl. Then add the rest of your ingredients to the bowl and fold in. Spoon an equal amount of the cobbler mixture on top of each apple slice. Now you totally could have used a dough to make a little pie crust on top, but hey, let’s try to keep it healthy for now! IMG_1528x


Place your mini apple cobblers in the oven for 30 minutes and then let them cool for 5 minutes to set up. Remove from the cupcake tin and you are ready to eat!IMG_1536 Pair your mini cobbler with a little fat free whipped cream or vanilla icecream if you’re in the mood to splurge! Remember these mini cobblers are less than 75 calories! Treat yourself after a long day with this tasty dessert!IMG_1540



9 thoughts on “Mini Apple Cobblers

  1. A creation by Miss. it. I like apple cobbler. But some times it’s a choir to make one. But these little simple easy to make Mini’s are great.

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog is amazing. I would like to invite you over to view Savor the Food. I believe color should also be apart of food. We taste with our eyes also. Most the time if food is colorful..that is seen first..then we smell and then we taste.

    Your photos show that. My motto is “Food is the picture of 1000 words”. When food has color, that says a lot, without saying any thing.

    Look forward to seeing you at Savor the Food. And I look forward to more creations by Miss Creations as she posts them here. 🙂

    Chef Randall

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