Funfetti Chex Mix

Funfetti Chex Mix

Oh how I love some good ol no-bake recipes and puppy chow (aka that chocolate and powdered sugar goodness your friends bring over to your house)! Not only do I love regular puppy chow, but I love everything cake bater! Hence my Cake Batter Krispies from what seems like forever ago! This Chex Mix snack is not the perfect diet food, so make it for a party, bring it to a friends house, and then it’s a win-win. No need to preheat the oven or get out oven mits, this recipe only requires a microwave (how fabulous?)


Chex Cereal: 8 cups (I used rice chex, corn chex would probably also work)

White Chocolate Chips: 12 ounces

Sprinkles: 1/8 cup

Funfetti Cake Mix: 1 ½ cups (could also use a plain yellow cake mix)

Powdered Sugar: 1/3 cup


Take your 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips and place the entire bag in a microwavable bowl. Microwave the bowl of chocolate chips on high for 1 minute and then stir. You will most likely need to put it back in the microwave for another interval or two of 15 seconds, stirring in between. In the mean time, measure 8 cups of Chex Mix into a large bowl.


When your chocolate is melted, mix it in with your cereal. You want to do these next few steps very quickly so everything sticks together before the chocolate cools.


Sprinkle your rainbow sprinkles over your cereal and chocolate mixture. IMG_1428The first time I made this I added the sprinkles later and they didn’t stick very well, so definitely add them after your chocolate is mixed in. In a large gallon or freezer bag add your cake mix and powdered sugar. IMG_1408xLightly mix the two ingredients together and then pour in your cereal mixture. Remove the air from the back, zip tight, and toss to coat the entire cereal mixture. IMG_1410xMake sure the cereal is coated completely and then pour onto a cookie sheet or a serving platter. IMG_1412
This Funfetti Chex Mix will not last very long, so grab a handful for yourself before showing anyone!! Sometimes people feel weird about scooping their hand in the bowl, so make sure to bring along a spoon or portion out the mix into bags so everyone has their own little snack.IMG_1431x Either way, I promise you this will be a hit.



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