Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes

Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes

As I continue to attempt to stay healthy in 2013 I have been going to the gym and purchased way more fresh fruits and veggies than I can eat! I got super excited about this health kick and bought everything from Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s. I realized I still had grapes in the refrigerator from my last store run and considering the fact I wasn’t craving grapes or anything healthy for that matter, the thinking cap went on. How can you still eat your fruits and veggies everyday; how can you make healthy eating fun? Rolling your fruit in some sugar and freezing them of course! These grapes turned from blah to fab in a few minutes of prep time and a few hours in the freezer!


Red or Green Seedless Grapes

Sugar: 1/8 cup

First, take your bag of seedless grapes and make sure to rinse them with a colander under water.



You want to not only clean your fruit, but also make sure you give your grapes a good dose of water. No need to dry off the grapes with a paper towel afterward, the water will help the sugar stick to the grapes!


Take a plate or bowl and add your sugar! You can add an even less amount of sugar and if you need

more you can go from there.

IMG_1219xNext, take a few grapes at a time and roll them in the sugar. You can gently toss them around or make sure they are fully covered in the sugar. Don’t worry about messing up! The amount of sugar doesn’t have to be perfect on the grapes, add as much or as little as you want.

IMG_1220xContinue the process for all of your grapes and line them on a baking dish, tuperware container, or plate to lay in the freezer.


IMG_1222xKeep your grapes in the freezer for approximately 2-3 hours or until they begin to harden. You can then move them to another container to store for your late night snack or get them out to munch on now!

IMG_1227xIf you are like me and aren’t thrilled at the thought of eating fruits everyday, try this simple recipe to get the nutrients you need and not get off track. Snacking, even if it is healthy, should be fun and taste good too! Happy snacking!


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