Cookies, Oreo’s, Brownies, Oh My!

Cookies, Oreo's, Brownies, Oh My!

So again, I promise I only ate one of these before taking them on my retreat with my friends this weekend, but boy were they yummy; especially right out of the oven! This whole New Year’s Resolution is definitely getting difficult, but not eating any sweets every once and a while would just be unrealistic for me! So taking a much simpler approach to this Pinterest favorite was definitely the way to go if you don’t have a ton of time to make homemade batters. You can not go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, Oreo’s, and brownies all in a cupcake! I didn’t have a ton of time to make these and the Rainbow Krispies, so make your busy life simpler by buying some pre-made ingredients to make Triple Chocolate Brownies!


Brownie Mix: 1 box + egg + vegetable oil + water

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: 1 dough roll

Oreos: 1 package


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and start by preparing the brownie mix. I got a Ghirardelli Double Chocolate mix since it was on sale and it had even more chocolate chips; yum! Use the recipe on the box to mix together your egg, vegetable oil, and water.


After your brownie mix is ready, here comes the fun part!


Begin by add cupcake liners to your pan or if you want you could also just make these in a regular baking dish. I liked the simplicity of the cupcakes for individual portions and it is much easier than cutting around the Oreo’s later down the road.


Take your cookie dough roll and cut off some dough to form a small ball.

IMG_1135xYou can flatten this ball to cover the bottom of your cupcake liner. This will be your base that holds up the Oreo into your treat.



On top on the cookie dough place one of your Oreo’s. No need to press these down very hard; you want the cookie dough to hold up your Oreo.



Last but not least, add your brownie batter over the entire Oreo. Make sure to cover the Oreo and also the sides so the Oreo is a surprise when they bite into their cupcake!



Now bake these for about 20 minutes or until you can still a toothpick into the brownie and it comes out clean. Remove the treats from the cupcake tin carefully to let them cool. I



will admit they are much better straight out of the oven, but there is no way anything will these ingredients could be bad. Don’t worry about messing up, this is a simple recipe anyone with any level of baking can do!




18 thoughts on “Cookies, Oreo’s, Brownies, Oh My!

  1. Can”t except one without saying no to the other. Three favorites all tied up in one. What a creation. What other cupcake creations do you have? Check out this blog..she follows mine. When you click to her blog, it’s like walking into a Candy store. She also makes cupcakes. Here’s the link: . Her name is Judy..let her know Chef Randall sent you.

    Keep up the creations Miss Creation. 🙂

    Chef Randall

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