Back To School Healthy Snacks

Back To School Healthy Snacks

Well, I am back to school for my final semester at Penn State! Can not believe how fast time flies sometimes! With nothing in the refrigerator, I was off for another exciting grocery run. We recently got a Trader Joe’s in State College, PA, so I decided to give it a try. Let’s just say I was very overwhelmed and only came out with one of those brown paper bags. Maybe if I would have went there after getting my main food I would have purchased more. However, I did spontaneously buy my first hummus; Tomato and Basil. Yum! This is literally my new favorite snack and with the absolute to-die-for Vegetable Chips, how much healthier can I be? Especially when eating chips!! So no new recipes for today, but I wanted to show you how yummy a healthy snack can be. You don’t have to pick up the celery to keep your resolutions for 2013!


I did forget to ever grab any other crackers for my hummus, but these Veggie Chips did just the trick! Yum yum yum! For 2 tablespoons of this hummus, you only eat 35 little calories! So for one serving, of the hummus and of the veggie chips (26 for 160 calories) you are still under the 200 calorie mark! Not too shabby.IMG_1032I couldn’t resist and grabbed a bag of Veggie Fries as well, which were even more exciting when I turned the bag over. Look at the serving size; yes that says 50 sticks! Anything that I can eat 50 of in one serving has a big thumbs up in my book. Excited to try these out tomorrow.

IMG_1034Next time you’re at the store I would recommend grabbing a bag. Guilt-free snacking!



3 thoughts on “Back To School Healthy Snacks

  1. Thanks Bonnie! Hoping to get a few new recipes and healthy snacks up by the end of the week. Slowly but surely I am getting the hang of this thing.

    Thanks for the support. It really means a lot 🙂

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