Chocolate Peanut Butter Bowl

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bowl

Like desserts with no need for an oven? Look no further than this chocolate-filled treat that your friends and family will  be licking their spoon for more!


Chocolate Pudding: 1 large Jello box

Oreo: 1 package

Reese Cups: 1 Family Size Bag

Cool Whip: 2 regular size tubs, defrosted

First prepare your pudding according to the directions on the box. You can leave this in the bowl to refrigerate while you get your other ingredients ready.

Then, open your box of Oreos and put a sleeve at a time in a large gallon Ziplock bag. Take a rolling pin or a meat tenderizer to crush your cookies.


Make sure you don’t hammer them into complete dust; you still want the cookies to be in clumps and not just powder.


Then take your Reese’s Cups and begin unwrapping them. You will end up using the whole bag, so take a bowl with you and you can easily unwrap these while watching TV.


Try to resist eating these delicious little unwrapped candies and take these back to the kitchen. I first attempted crushing these using the same method as I did for the Oreo cookies, but it turned out a little more difficult. You will need to take a knife a chop your chocolates into small crumbles.IMG_0816

When all of your ingredients are prepared, you can now layer these in your bowl. First sprinkle some of your Oreo to the bottom of the bowl. Next, add a layer of chocolate pudding, followed by Reese’s crumbles, and a layer of Cool Whip. You will repeat this one more time and then your bowl should be completely filled. Add your remaining Oreo and Reese’s crumbles to the top to garnish. IMG_0817

Now when you’re ready, get out that large spoon, and dig in!


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