S’mores Cookies

S'mores Cookies

Last week, the Penn State Dance Marathon, known as THON, had a cookie fundraiser at a local bakery, Insomina Cookies. Obviously I went multiple times and my absolute favorite cookie I got was called the S’mores Deluxe!


Now I imagine, your mouth waters at the sight of that cookie and you can imagine it didn’t last long on that plate! I was absolutely determined that I could make this cookie and after a few tries, I think I am getting very very close. Regardless if its the perfect replica, it is just what I needed to calm my sweet tooth as finals week approaches.

First, I made them and although they looked pretty cute before putting them in the oven…


They didn’t turn out that pretty and the marshmallows were a little overdone!


The flavor was definitely there, so the next day, my roommate and I tackled the s’mores cookies one more time. I think we finally nailed it and by the emptiness of the container, I think I’m right!


Ready to make these cookies over the holidays to make your friends and family jealous?


Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

Oil: ¼ Cup

Egg: 1

Water: 2 Tablespoons

Graham Cracker Crumbs




To make the process a bit quicker and easier for a college kid with not a lot of time, I bought a Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix from Betty Crocker. All you have to do is mix your mix with an egg, water, and vegetable oil and you’re ready to start! How easy is that?


Now this batter is to DIE for, not that I recommend eating raw egg….but it is mighty delish. Now since the Betty Crocker mix already has chocolate chunks, I didn’t see the need to add more chocolate chips, but feel free if you want chocolate overload!! We are now ready to add the graham cracker. After doing the first batch, I would definitely recommend just mixing in the graham cracker with the batter. It is very discrete and tastes great! I used the small Ready Crusts and just broke them up into crumbs. Literally just as easy as buying a big box of crumbs!

Scoop out teaspoon size cookies from your batter onto your cookie sheet. No need to grease your pan. Put these chocolately cookies into the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 5-6 minutes.

Once the cookies have cooked a little over halfway, about 5-6 minutes, you will remove them from the oven and add your marshmallows on the top. Press them in a little, using 2-3 per cookie. Place back into the oven for the remaining 4 minutes.


Take out the cookies when you can tell the batter is finished and before the marshmallows get any more than golden brown! Let them cool for 5 minutes on the tray and then they are ready for indulgence!


Get creative! If you’re taking these to a holiday party, place your marshmallows to look like snowman! Add a little bit of icing to make a face if you’re feeling super festive.



With the little batter we had left, we made two giant cookies! Saving these for last, yum!!



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