Quick and Healthy 5-Minute Pizzas!

Recently, I have found myself experimenting with zucchini and its various carb substitutes. I have tried the chips, but last night, pizza was calling my name. These pizzas surprisingly took 5 minutes to make since you just use your oven broiler! I ended up making four batches!! So, if you only have a half hour to get something on the table or you just need something to hold you over, these little pizzas are the thing for you!


Zucchini: 1 medium sized

Shredded Pizza Cheese: 1 cup (No cheese is too much in my mind!!)

Pepperoni: 15 or your desired amount depending on your slice size

*Any other of your favorite pizza topping would work too!

Makes 20 pizzas, could make more or less depending how think you want your slices



After washing your zucchini, slice into 1/4 inch slices. I tried this the first time at about 3/4 inch, but definitely preferred a thinner slice. Feel free to make these and adjust based on your own preferences.

Lay on a cookie sheet and place your shredded cheese, in my case as much as you can fit on the little slice!! Add your toppings on top of this. I used regular sized pepperoni, so I sliced these in half and then in fours, to have 8 little pieces per pepperoni. These fit perfect on my zucchini slices!

It’s as simple as that! Turn on your broiler and throw these little pizzas in the oven for about 3-5 minutes. I only have one setting for broiling on my oven, so this might be a little longer/less if you have a low and high setting on your oven. You can definitely smell these little guys getting ready, so check every few minutes until they’re melted to your desired level!


I hope you enjoy these quick snacks as much as me and my friends did! We literally kept making them until my entire zucchini was gone! I’m going to try using a little drop of pizza sauce next time to see how that tastes too! This whole Christine eating vegetables thing is really starting to become reality..

Happy Last Day of November!!

Update (12/5/12): My roommate came home with more zucchinis and the coveted pizza sauce today!! We tried these little pizzas again, still literally taking 5 minutes to make, but with a little dab of pizza sauce before we added the cheese. Dare I say they came out better than before! I would definitely recommend making these with the pizza sauce, then cheese, and whatever other pizza toppings you have handy.


image (1)



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