Cocoa Krispie Treats

As I continue my no-bake fad, I thought no better than to add some more chocolate into my life! Hence, the scrumptious Cocoa Krispie Treats! These are very similar to my Cake Batter Treats below, so if you liked those, get your ingredients out and try these too! The main difference is there is no cake batter in the mix and I used more chocolate to decorate these at the end instead of icing and sprinkles.


Butter: 6 tablespoons

Marshmallows: 1/2 of a 10 ounce mini marshmallow bag

Cocoa Pebbles: 5 cups (add a little more if you want them less gooey)

Chocolate Chips: 1 cup (semi-sweet if you have them!)

*Makes 18 cupcake sized treats!


Melt your butter in the microwave until completely liquid. Approximately 1 minute.

Add the marshmallows to your microwave safe bowl and stir every 30-second interval. This will take a few intervals, stop when your mixture is melted thoroughly.

Add your cereal to the bowl and fold in until mixed evenly. Like I stated above, feel free to add a little less or a little more depending on your desired marshmallow to cereal ratio 🙂

I made these into cupcakes shapes again instead of bars because they are way easier to take to a party and have your friends dig in to! Scoop into your cupcake tins  and smooth down with the back of your spoon.

*Pour them into a brownie pan if you would rather have bars.

Set these in the refrigerator to harden a bit while you clean up and melt your chocolate!

Once you have melted your chocolate in the microwave and you have a thin texture, remove your treats from the tins onto a cookie sheet or your desired tray/tuperware. I then used a ziplock bag, cut the corner, and drizzled the chocolate on top of each Cocoa Krispie Treat! I find this to literally be the simplest way to add decorations to my desserts when I am away from home and all of my normal baking tools.

Add any fun sprinkles or decorations to the top, in my case, for a birthday party to add some more excitement to these delicious treats!


Update: these were eaten in approximately 23 minutes! Definitely making these again!


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